The average age of entry into commercial sexual exploitation is roughly 12 to 14 years old. While the most frequently reported age of entry into the life was 15, one in six participants reported being trafficked before the age of 12.

-THORN, “Survivor Insights: The Role of Technology in Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking” 2018

Sex trafficking is a hot media topic with viral stories of attempted kidnappings in parking lots and missing person reports. But what if the wider danger is more devious and camouflaged? 

Traffickers are intentionally targeting young youth by building trusting relationships through online forums (THORN). With this generation being the primary target for child sex trafficking, we believe that teens and the safe adults in their lives should be a top priority for awareness messages. Young people cannot stay safe from something they know nothing about. 

With a combined experience of 25+ years fighting human trafficking, our curriculum developers have collaborated with researchers, survivors and content experts to develop high-energy, multi-media and interactive awareness presentations.

Book us for an age-appropriate youth presentation, or an informative awareness training for parents/professionals who work with students.

The Classroom

Book us for a 1-5 day classroom presentation. Check out our Program Portfolio for more details. Presentations are designed for 7th-12th graders in a classroom setting.

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Community Events

Church presentations, youth groups, a meeting for you community agency or a parent training: bring an awareness presentation to your event!

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Whether you work with students, are a government agency, nonprofit, local business or parent group, we would love to provide trainings that help you better serve the young people you interact with.

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Please review our updated COVID-19 guidelines to help determine whether an in-person presentation or virtual program is best for your agency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much classroom time do RLR presentations take up?2019-09-03T16:25:47-07:00

Our classroom presenters can be in a teacher’s classes anywhere from 1 day to 5 consecutive days.


Example: Mrs. Baker has 5 health classes (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th & 7th periods).


  • For a 2-day presentation, presenters might be in all 5 of her classes on a Monday & Tuesday.
  • For a 3-day presentation, presenters might be in all 5 of her classes Wednesday-Friday.
  • For a 5-day presentation, presenters will be in all 5 of her classes Monday-Friday.

Details of the main topics we cover in classes can be found on page 6 of our Program Portfolio.

What topics do RLR presentations cover?2019-09-03T16:26:20-07:00

Our Program Portfolio (page 6) outlines all of the main topics we cover in classes (customization might be available depending on the class topic). Click the link for topic outlines.


Every presentation starts with the basics of what sex trafficking is, what it looks like and how to stay safe. Additional topics can be covered depending on the amount of time in the classroom. Typically the breakdown of what is covered is as follows: 


  • 1-Day – Expose Injustice (condensed) & Ignite Rebellion (condensed)
  • 2-Day – Expose Injustice, Know Your Story (condensed) & Ignite Rebellion (condensed)
  • 3-Day – Expose Injustice, Know Your Story, Demand Prevention (condensed) & Ignite Rebellion (condensed)
  • 5-Day – Expose Injustice, Know Your Story, Demand Prevention, Real Love & Ignite Rebellion


Each presentation will emphasize the following: healthy relationships, personal safety, character development, community service, internet safety and healthy choices. Presentations do NOT address, educate on, or discuss sex or sex education. 

Do student presentations address or educate on sex ed?2019-09-03T14:45:25-07:00

RLR presentations do NOT address, educate on, or discuss sex or sex education. Sex trafficking typically happens in the context of relationships (traffickers pretending to be boyfriends, friends & benevolent business professionals), which means that our programs center around healthy relationships, true stories, research and resiliency. 

Do student presentations need permission slips?2019-09-03T14:49:47-07:00

RLR presentations are age-appropriate for students 7th-12th grade. We allow teachers and administrators to decide whether or not permission slips are necessary for their individual situation. In the event that the school wants permission slips, we are more than happy to provide a customizable opt-out permission slip that makes the process simple and easy for school staff. 


If you need a customizable opt-out permission slip in preparation for your school having a RLR presentation, please contact your RLR representative or email info@redlightrebellion.org. 

What does the school need to provide for a presentation?2019-09-03T16:53:56-07:00

We try to make things as simple as possible for our schools. When conducting a classroom presentation, the only things we need is the room, a projector and a screen. The rest we bring ourselves (computer, speakers, etc.).

When I register, does that mean my spot is locked in?2019-09-03T16:54:35-07:00

Requesting presentation dates through the calendar below does not mean that your spot is locked in. We will contact you after your request is submitted, confirm all details, and make sure it’s a go. If you are a new school for us, we will also send you a more thorough registration form that will capture all the details we need to make it official (bell schedule, number of classes, class size, etc.).

Outside of availability, what else is considered when booking classroom presentations?2019-09-03T16:54:44-07:00

A LOT goes into booking presentations, especially when our calendar starts to fill up for the school year. Any type of alternative schedule (whether for study halls, announcements, early releases, assemblies, etc.) greatly impacts our program. Each topic we cover and presentation we give is prepared in advance to take up the full class period (50 minutes minimum). A 5-10 minute deviation causes great ripple effects in content delivery, videos and activities planned for the lesson.


Here are some SCHEDULING PRO-TIPS we have for you to consider when booking with us:

  • Check ALL calendars (yours, the schools, and the districts): when scheduling, avoid half days, alternative schedules, holidays, etc.
  • Ideally each presentation needs a full 55-60 minutes. Less than 50 is a huge challenge for our presenters. Please communicate any unavoidable alternative schedules asap.
  • Consider set up time: We need a minimum of 30 minutes set up time in the room we will be presenting in. Our PA system is cool but running cables safely takes time.
  • Give the neighbors a heads up! We bump music the first few & last few minutes of classes, and during activities/videos. It is strategic in taking students through a powerful experience. Let neighboring teachers know that it will be a little loud for a couple minutes at a time.
How much do classroom presentations cost?2019-09-03T16:54:52-07:00

Nada! We get AMAZING donors to cover presentation costs 🙂


The only time we charge is if there is travel cost associated, in which case cost varies (depending on how many days of presentations are scheduled) but you are only charged what it takes to make the trip happen. Typically if our presenters are traveling 60+ minutes, you will be charged for travel, lodging and food.


Traveling situations and fees are handled on a case-by-case basis so feel free to reach out for an initial request/estimate: info@redlightrebellion.org. 


RLR headquarters is based in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Ya’ll are dope! Are these presentations loud?2019-09-03T16:55:00-07:00

No one actually asks this question, but you should know that we bump some tunes (school appropriate) when we hang with students. We definitely show our PA system (two speakers & a subwoofer) some love.


This is not because we are rambunctious millennials trying to be cool; there is actually a lot of method behind the madness. Our presentations are not lectures, they are experiences. Students are taken through a roller coaster of emotions as they take in important life lessons and learn information to keep themselves and their friends safe. We tell a story of justice that involves a lot of energy, multi-media, group activities and individual participation.


After conducting well over 1,000 presentations to nearly 100,000 students, we have discovered that music is a powerful vehicle to make the program more effective. So warn your neighboring teachers that for the first and last minute of class, as well as an occasional 2 minute video, your room will be a bit louder than normal. But don’t worry, we are relevant and effect as well as respectful. The sound level is not blasting and there are only 1-3 times during a lesson (which varies depending on the presentation) when the volume is turned up, usually only for a video.

What age are classroom presentations appropriate for?2019-09-03T16:55:10-07:00

Yes all RLR classroom presentations are age-appropriate for 7th-12th graders. 

Are youth presentations triggering for someone who has experienced trauma?2019-09-03T16:55:22-07:00

Emotional triggers are very dependent on each individual. For 99.9% of youth we present to (both sheltered and high risk) our programs are not only “not triggering” but empowering. We receive messages from students frequently thanking us for providing a message that finally convinces them that they are more than the bad things in their stories. 


Even though it is rare for a student to be overwhelmed by a presentation, we preface each presentation by letting students know that if they do feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable at any point, they are free to let their teacher know to be excused. Typically these students are then directed to an on-campus social worker and parents notified. 

What if a youth discloses trafficking or abuse?2019-09-03T16:55:35-07:00

If a student discloses a situation of ongoing abuse or sex trafficking, school staff are required to follow through with their mandatory reporting. If a trafficking situation has been disclosed, then the Student Resource Officer should be involved in the situation immediately as well as the National Human Trafficking Hotline Number called: 888-3737-888. 

Have parents ever complained about a RLR presentation?2019-09-03T16:55:44-07:00

To our knowledge, no parent has ever made formal complaints surrounding our programs or activities on school campuses, youth groups or other youth programs. Parents that experience a parent training from us usually respond by asking how they can get us into their child’s school/classes.

Is Red Light Rebellion faith-based?2020-09-03T22:14:53-07:00

Yes! We are a faith-based nonprofit. The reason we do what we do is because we love Jesus and want to live out the calling he has made on our lives to fight sex trafficking. We love presenting in churches and being asked questions about our faith because we get to dive into our WHY, the justice the Gospel brings to sex trafficking, and share the hope we have in the face of such evil. When presenting in public school classrooms we recognize and respect the separation of church and state and do not preach faith in any presentation. We follow the same guidelines as set up for teachers in this regard. 

Do you do presentations outside of schools?2019-09-03T16:55:51-07:00

Yes, we do! We happily provide youth presentations in classrooms, as well as youth groups and other youth organizations (ex: Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Club, Arizona’s Children Association, etc.). 


We also provide parents and professionals who work with students trainings on child sex trafficking and how to keep youth safe. 


For more info on these types of presentations, email info@redlightrebellion.org. 

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