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Awareness is no longer optional.

We are telling a story of freedom and justice, and we need you! Help us spread the word:

We released a TON of new merch this year so that you can look good and spread the word everywhere you go! Follow our social media to see when our next merch drop will be.


Fighting sex trafficking starts with awareness. Download these awareness graphics that you can post to share with your friends and family!


Help us continue to provide our programs FREE to the community! Ride solo or on a team, fundraise to make RLR prevention programs reach as many young people as possible!



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Help Us Network:

Every year our team of presenters conducts almost 250 presentations to over 4,000 people. 90% of those are to students, mostly in schools.

Do you run a business or nonprofit that would like a training? Do you have a child whose school could benefit from this information? Are you a student who wants to bring us to your youth group? 

Download our “Bring Us To You” Packet to help spread the word to more people!