End It Now

Slavery still exists, and it is trying to exploit any young person it can.
We believe your freedom is worth fighting for.

Battle Plan for Freedom

Expose Injustice

Sex trafficking is an assault against our value, so we have to expose what is trying to exploit us. We do this by learning what it is, what it looks like, and how to stay safe.

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Fortify Freedom

This rebellion is filled with a generation of Freedom Fighters discovering the value of every person and striving for connectedness with those around us.

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Ignite Rebellion

This generation is creating a culture intolerant of exploitation. Join us as we ignite a rebellion against sex trafficking like never before seen in history.

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We are Rebels – Freedom Fighters – who believe that the freedom of every individual is an inherent right, because their value is inherent.
Our generation is being bought and sold, so we are raising a battle cry to expose exploitation. We are determined to fight for freedom by connecting with and learning the stories of those around us, standing up for the marginalized, and speaking out when we see someone oppressed.
Join us as we rebel against sex trafficking through relationships and human connection.

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